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Oh How We've Grown

Getting Out Feels So Good

11/22/05 05:55 pm - genericjanedoe

Peyton Manning went to AMS today. Not that I love him or football oh so much, but we didn't have any convocations ever worth actually seeing...

7/27/05 10:54 pm - branjay

Eric Duckworth passed away on Monday, I thought you all should know. I believe the showing is tomorrow 1-8 at Conkle in Avon. Please keep his loved ones in your prayers.

5/2/05 01:03 am - genericjanedoe

Good Luck on Finals!!

For those of you about to encounter them...

4/12/05 09:04 pm - genericjanedoe

As Cathy pointed out, the services for Heather will also be tomorrow, as seen here.

I can't make it, so if anyone knows an address I could mail a card to her family, please email me at akane@butler.edu

4/12/05 05:32 pm - redmouse - Last minute info

I know not many people are in Avon at the moment, but if you are and know about Heather Wagoner, her viewing is supposed to be tonight from 4-8 at the Westside Church of the Nazarene on 10th Street.

If you hadn't heard about Heather yet, there's more information here. I know this is last minute, so if you could just take a moment to remember Heather and her family in your thoughts or prayers, I know it would be greatly appreciated.

"I will ransom them from the power of the grave; I will redeem them from death.
O death, I will be thy plagues; O grave, I will be thy destruction."

[Hosea 13:14]

2/1/05 06:10 pm - quihi - ?

Since I fear that this RAD community is dying, let's introduce ourselves just for fun:

1. Who are you?
2. In what year did you graduate?
3. What made you special at AHS?
4. What the heck are you doing with yourself now?

11/16/04 11:43 pm - genericjanedoe - I'm confused...

i just learned (by way of the news) that the sparrow eater bright, is now going to assistant coach wrestling for south putnam jr high. does he still teach at avon and is just going to coach there? i though my brother had him this year.

this was unimportant. just curious.

11/16/04 01:29 am - peerpressure420 - Nerd alert.

I am bored and just wanted to post something in this...umm....really hopping journal. Anyone play Halo? Haha. Also, would you be interested in attending a Halo 2 party over Christmas break? *Adjusts glasses*

Alright, I am bored. I know none will answer, but not it is time for bed.

11/15/04 12:33 am - genericjanedoe

as if the word hasn't gotten out enough, go join www.thefacebook.com if the school you attend is supported, and you can get in touch w/ lots of avon grads.

11/2/04 11:05 am - kanamidori - YAY!

Yay for more LJ communities I can be a part of! I have no life, so I post on here. ^_^ Its good times.
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