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Oh How We've Grown

Getting Out Feels So Good

The Illustrious Graduates of Avon High School, IN
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This community is for the coolest of all people, the graduates of Avon High School, IN, who actually made it out with something to show for themselves.

Post pertinent entries: get togethers, who you are and your current life, ask for help on college type things, get advice, inquire about the status of someone long lost from the hallowed halls of the sterile hospital we used to call home.

Sorry to discriminate, but current AHS students need not apply. You, however can join: avon_indiana

Your moderator is: genericjanedoe, because I'm a loser and got bored, and created a community that will undoubtedly die soon.

If you click "join community" then I will be emailed to accept or decline you into the community. If you are an AHS grad, you'll make the cut, but make sure I can somehow know that you really are, (if I don't know you, which I will know most of you.)