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Since I fear that this RAD community is dying, let's introduce ourselves just for fun:

1. Who are you?
2. In what year did you graduate?
3. What made you special at AHS?
4. What the heck are you doing with yourself now?
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haha, thanks ness. i ws just thinking about how no one posts here :)

1) amikane
2) 03
3) hmmm...weirdness...band geek... drama geek... speech team geek. i pretty much was involved in all the nerd stuff. (all the bowl's too.) i was REALLY loud, and quite obnoxious. i wore christmas lights to school once...and yes, they did light up.
4) living and working in speedway, going to butler. then who knows.
Excellent idea.

1) Sara Krumwiede
2) 2003
3) Hrm...don't think I had any outstanding qualities. I was just your run of the mill band geek, and a mostly quiet one at that. But I did always end up at the token Loud Table at lunch.
4) Student RA, English major, hoping to end up in Indy again by next fall. We'll see.
1) Jared Stephens
2) 2003
3) Nothing really. I was in marching band and winter drumline and went non-stop. I played mostly marimba and timpani, if that's "special".
4) Majoring in Computer Information Systems, Business Process Managment, and Operations Mangagement (basically IT Management) at the Kelley School of Business at IU-Bloomington. I work for University Tech Services (UITS STC) and am currently pledging Delta Sigma Pi (Co-Ed Business Fraternity) and loving every minute of it! :-)
wow avon drumline
you guys were on the wgi dvd (not gonna lie, it was pretty sweet, at least in 2004)

my freinds and i are huge fans of u guys and ur colorguard
1) Stefanie Green
2) 2004
3) I was an actress, a techie, and a member of the Accents
4) I'm a Japanese major at Purdue and I am a member of the Purdue Women's Epee Team (fencing).
I was a techie. Almost all of my most interesting memories are in the auditorium. I graduated in '01` though, so I got two years in the old HS and two years in the new one. I think it was a better experience that way.

In the old highschool we had a lot more freedom. Some of us even had keys to the building for paid shows. But the equipement wasn't nearly as state-of-the-art. In the new school we were much more restricted, but we got to help pick out and set up the new equipement and stuff like that. Either way though, Mrs. Quirk rules. (I know she's since been married but I will probably always call her "Q". )
We still all call her Q. That's what she'll always be to us.
On another note, Purdue has a pretty spiffy rifle team as well as a trap and skeet team. If you have any interest in shooting whatsoever you should check them out.
yeah I saw that they had one here. Fencing takes up the majority of my time though ^_^
Yay for you, Ness!

1) Tracy Bowling
2) 2003
3) Not like it ever amounted to much, but being Band Goddess meant a lot to me.
4) English Writing/soon to be Secondary Ed major. I'm jumping on the wagon late, so there probably won't be time to take Latin and this makes me extremely sad. :(
2. "Class of NOON" aka 2002
3. Everyone loved me. haha, jay kay. Umm..I had a bunch of silly crushes and wore clothes that were weird, and I didn't care what anyone thought!
4. Gettin' mah education. A statistics and actuarial math major.
love plainfield grad. lol

Deleted comment

i went to both, i love hippies though...lol.
THATS why p-town rocks.
If its not too late to chime in.....

1. Steve Pichon
2. 99
3. Probably the hair, or maybe the skateboarding, The band stuff was fun
4. Driving for Fedex, married to the former Ms Sarah Jones (also 99)